November 13, 2009

Stent fracture study

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A recent study found that stents do indeed tear or break on rare occasions (my guess is that it occurs most likely during implantation). It appears that this has to do with how long it takes to put the stent in and several other factors. Stents are pieces of wire mesh used to keep the blocked arteries open so naturally any piece of equipment can fail during a procedure. The problem becomes the body’s reaction to the stent. The body wants to fix the area and attacks it with inflammation, resulting in another blockage. Experts who commented on this new study recommended the best prevention for adverse reaction to the stent fracture was taking Plavix and aspirin together for well past one year.
So, are you concerned about your stent breaking? The best thing you can do is take your Plavix (or Effient) and aspirin everyday indefinitely. Do not miss any doses! Your cardiologist cannot take a stent out so medicines are the best treatment possible. 🙂

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