November 19, 2009

Know Your CPR!

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Anyone with heart disease should encourage all their family, coworkers and friends to be trained in CPR. If you are ever found passed out, CPR can save your life! The guidelines have changed over the past few years to change the amount of chest compressions versus breaths. Currently, it is recommended that bystanders who are not familiar with CPR perform chest compressions only until help arrives. This is called “Hands-Only CPR.”  Studies have shown that giving deep, strong pushes on the breastbone area are much more important than giving mouth-to-mouth breaths.

CPR classes are available throughout the country. Visit the American Heart Association website at to find the closest local class.

If your friends and family are not able to take the CPR classes, there are 2 simple steps you can tell them to remember. If they find a person is passed out and not responding, the first step is to call 911. Next, they should begin immediately to give strong pushes in the center of the chest. American Heart Association has a short online video to instruct people how to perform “Hands-Only CPR.” You can view the video at

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