November 21, 2009

Medication Organizers Can Make Life Easier

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Most heart disease patients are on multiple different medications to help prevent a future heart attack and lower the risk of death. Taking a handful of pills all at once though is undesirable for many people. Taking all the pills at once may make you feel lightheaded when they all take effect at the same time. The best way to take them is by creating a schedule of doses. For instance, take half of them at 8am and the other half at 8pm. If it gets too confusing, I recommend you use a medication organizer.

Medication organizers are a type of pill box that you place your medicine into ahead of time. The compartments are separated by days and times. Some pharmacies will even offer the service of filling the organizer for you! The best part is that when you miss a dose, you’ll notice right away that you still have pills in the box!

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