November 25, 2009

How to Keep From Making Your Heart Failure Worse

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Thanksgiving is tomorrow which means many families will be sitting down to a nice, big meal. If you have a history of heart failure though, that delicious meal could make you miserable for the next week! Most of the traditional Thanksgiving foods have WAY TOO MUCH salt. The more salt you eat, the more fluid your body holds in and the harder it is for your heart. Your body is more likely to go into “volume overload” or acute heart failure when you eat foods with too much salt in it. The common signs and symptoms of acute heart failure inlcude: swelling of the legs, swelling of the belly, shortness of breath with activity, waking up at night feeling short of breath, rapid weight gain (2 pounds in 1 day or 5 pounds in 1 week), loss of appetite and fatigue.

The ERs and cardiology offices are predictably packed with heart failure patients Thanksgiving weekend just because of this simple dietary indiscretion. If you want to avoid making your Thanksgiving week miserable, skip the salt!

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