December 4, 2009

Groundbreaking New Study May Help To Reduce Heart Damage!

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Scientists in Canada are conducting ground-breaking new studies for heart disease using injections of a substance derived from a virus. It sounds insane to inject something that was made by a virus but their logic is very reasonable. Remember that some of the regular vaccines most people receive are composed of live viruses! The substance for this heart study is called VT-111 and it has been shown in animal studies to delay or prevent inflammation in the blood vessels. Heart attacks and Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) are caused by the body’s inflammatory response to an injury in the heart arteries.

The scientists tested VT-111 on a small group of patients and found that the injections were helpful in some respects. When a patient has a heart attack, the heart sends out chemicals in the blood suggesting that the heart is being damaged (Troponin and CK-MB). The levels of these chemicals were significantly reduced in the patients receiving the injections. Based on this study, the scientists feel that VT-111 may help to reduce heart damage for patients with heart attacks or ACS in the future! If further studies support these results, VT-111 may certainly be viewed as a novel idea that could bring some big changes to heart disease treatment in the future!

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