December 28, 2009

New Study About CRP

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Many of my patients used to ask me about CRP as part of a routine visit.  CRP (C-Reactive Protein) is a chemical level that can be measured in the blood to indicate the process of inflammation.  Some of the medical community has long been advocating for testing of CRP levels to show whether or not a person is at increased risk of heart disease.  There have been studies in the past which suggested that people with higher heart disease risk have much higher levels of CRP.  Some scientists took it one step further and suggested that maybe CRP might in fact be a “cause” of heart disease.

A brand new study out of the United Kingdom has reviewed many past studies and concluded that CRP is NOT a cause of heart disease.  They discovered that the people who developed cardiovascular disease and had high levels of CRP in fact had many other risk factors to explain their cardiovascular event.  Some of the largest proponents of CRP testing are still insisting that CRP levels are an important tool in identifying and treating people at high risk.  They are convinced that adding CRP to the risk factors will allow more aggressive primary prevention and save lives.  Where does this leave CRP for the general population?  Only time and more studies will tell! 


  1. Bob said,

    It seems that is the case, however, it may still be a marker of inflammation which could signal heart disease risk.
    On a similar note, in regards to biomarkers relating to heart disease risk, it seems that Lp(a) has more data behind it to show that IT does contribute to causing coronary artery disease.
    See the below link:

    • That’s right Bob! Lp(a) has just been linked more definitively as a cause for heart disease. I’m posting the latest study about it today. Thank you for the info!

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