January 8, 2010

Plavix Is NOT Available As A Generic

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I was talking to a sweet woman today about my book and she was excited to buy it specifically for the Brand to Generic List at the back. She said she wanted to show her doctor the list so he could prescribe her husband a generic for the very costly Plavix. My heart sank when I heard her words because unfortunately I had to break the sad news that there is NO generic for Plavix available in the US at this time. Canada and Mexico advertise a generic version but pharmacies in the United States are not permitted to sell the generic.

There USED to be a generic in US pharmacies back in 2006 but a legal issue stopped the sales abruptly. The makers of Plavix found a new indication for the drug and thus were able to convince a court of law that their exclusive patent should be renewed and the generic should not be allowed to be sold. This means that heart disease patients on Medicare will have to continue to pay an average of $150 a month for this life-saving drug.

There is a new competitor out there called Effient but it has yet to become popular enough and is still a brand name drug (meaning expensive). I pray that the big companies will work things out soon to bring down the cost of these necessary medicines.

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