January 15, 2010

Cardiac Rehab is Essential to Best Recovery

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I cannot stress enough the importance of cardiac rehabilitation in everyone’s journey back to a healthy heart.  Cardiac rehab is a medically supervised exercise regimen for anyone with heart disease.  A study in 2007 showed that only 1 in 5 heart patients attend even ONE session of cardiac rehab!  This is such a detriment to the heart disease population!

A cardiac rehab program provides physical, dietary and emotional support.  Unfortunately, there are several obstacles to receiving this important treatment.  My patients used to tell me the biggest problem was time, time, TIME!  The sessions require a time commitment of at least 2-3 days a week.  Another issue is money.  Not all insurance companies will cover a large amount of the expenses.  Also, patients who live in remote areas are unable to make the drive to a cardiac rehab facility on a regular basis. 

Despite these obstacles, everyone should do their absolute best to complete a cardiac rehab program.  Your heart, body and mind will be much better off for it!  Learn more about cardiac rehab and find a program near you by clicking here: http://www.americanheart.org/presenter.jhtml?identifier=3047844


  1. Wallace Dickson said,

    I “heartily” endorse the advice in this post. I was fortunate to have an excellent cardio-rehab program available to me at the VA Medical Center, where I get my primary health care. After a procedure there to insert a stent to relieve substantial blockage of my left coronary, at age 77, I entered this program, which is scheduled three days a week for six weeks. I felt much stronger after about three weeks of the cardio exercises, but then had to discontinue because of work commitments that did not allow me the time. Within one week of discontinuing my exercising, I could feel the difference! The diffence in stamina and energy was dramatic! One month later, I resumed the program and within one week I felt the energy level rising again, dramatically. The ups and downs related to regular exercise were so pronounced and dramatic that there was no mistaking the relationship between regular exercise and stamina/energy. There’s just no getting around it – heart patients MUST exercise regularly! If a good cardio-rehab program is not affordable or available, then the patient should develop with the help of the doctor a regimen of one’s own – say walking daily at the local shopping mall, or getting an elliptical machine, or stationary bicycle at home. The difference is like night and day and can be experienced dramatically as in my own experience. Proof positive that exercise is the key to speedy recovery to good, strong health and vitality.

    • Wallace, thank you so much for sharing your story and providing living proof that cardiac rehab is so important to recovery! Keep exercising and enjoy the benefits of a conditioned, healthier heart! Have a blessed day!

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