January 18, 2010

New Study is Enrolling Patients for Heart Attack Warning Device

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An interesting new study is enrolling patients at approximately 30 medical centers throughout the US to test a new device which may alert patients that they are having a heart attack.  The device is implanted under the skin much in the same way that a pacemaker is put in.  When a person begins to have a heart attack, some of the electrical signals of the heart may provide warning signs.  This new device interprets the possibly harmful electrical signals and sounds an alarm to tell the patient that they need to go to the hospital for immediate evaluation.  The patients who are being chosen for the study must already have Coronary Artery Disease and are therefore at a higher risk of heart attack.

The study is called the ALERTS trial and you can find out more information about it by following this link: http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00781118?term=ALERTS&rank=18

If this device works well, certainly this would be a great preventive measure to limit damage to the heart.  The sooner a person receives treatment during a heart attack, the better their outcome.  It would also help to bring peace of mind to the patients with the device.  No longer would they worry about whether their heartburn was a heart attack!

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