January 19, 2010

Depression Hurts…Especially When You Have Heart Disease!

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I was reading a new article on the Cleveland Clinic website that discusses depression in heart disease patients.  According to one of their physicians, ” [A] study found patients who were depressed after suffering a heart attack were three to four times more likely to die over six months than post heart attack patients without depression.  Even 18 months after a heart attack, depression remained an independent risk factor for cardiac-related death.”  The article goes on to explain that heart patients often blame themselves for their disease and feel as though they are weak.  An even bigger reason why depression is likely to increase a heart attack patient’s risk of death…people who are depressed tend to stop their necessary medicines, eat poorly and stop exercising.  These are three VERY necessary steps to helping a damaged heart recover.  Without appropriate medication, diet and exercise the heart is left struggling to recuperate against the odds.

If you or a loved one has heart disease and feels depressed, discuss your feelings with your cardiologist and consider treatment with anti-depressants.  Most importantly, KEEP TAKING YOUR MEDICINES, EATING PROPERLY and EXERCISE!

If you’d like to read more from the Cleveland Clinic website, go to: http://my.clevelandclinic.org/heart/news/archive/feeling_blue_depression_heart_disease.aspx

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