January 27, 2010

Identical Twins with Heart Disease Gives Strong Evidence For Genetics

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A medical journal article from 2008 reported on 2 very interesting cases of heart disease…in identical twins!  The twins apparently presented to the hospital nearly at the same time with symptoms of heart disease.  After undergoing angiography, their doctors discovered the areas of plaque buildup in their arteries were almost identical.  This was an even more shocking discovery since the twins lived 12,000 miles apart and had very different environmental risk factors!

A case such as this provides very strong evidence that heart disease is in your genes.  That doesn’t mean you should throw out the healthy lifestyle!  We have yet to discover exactly how genes can play such a major role.  It may be that some people with heart disease have an overhwelming genetic role while others clearly have heart disease from more of an environmental role. There’s no way to know for sure until more heart disease research is done.  So, play it safe and take control of your modifiable risk factors like diet, exercise and appropriate medication.

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