February 7, 2010

Heart Disease Awareness Campaigns Unfair?

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I just read an article in a blog called “Male Matters” that brings up an interesting and controversial topic.  The writer claims that men’s health issues are being largely ignored by the media and medical community.  He specifically calls out the Go Red for Women campaign which has been nationally publicized to bring about heart disease awareness in women.  He feels these campaigns for women’s health are unnecessary given the fact that men die an average of 5 years earlier than women with regards to all types of diseases and deaths.  As an alternative, the blog writer recommends that more research be done to figure out this disparity and that a men’s health campaign should be started.  Of course, he recognizes that this is likely to offend the women’s health campaigns.  (See the article for your self at http://battlinbog.blog-city.com/at_male_matters_november_15_finally_the_new_york_times_repor.htm)

Personally, I believe that ALL campaigns for heart disease are respectable and necessary.  I know the disease is difficult for anyone, regardless of gender!  I support the Go Red for Women movement but would also not hesitate to support a heart disease campaign directed towards men.  Any kind of support and education to prevent heart disease related deaths is a noble effort in my book!

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