March 2, 2010

Learn More About Prevention of Heart Disease for Your Loved Ones

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As a spokesperson for the American Heart Association, I recently was asked to do an internet TV interview regarding heart disease prevention.  Your loved ones who have not yet been diagnosed with heart disease may benefit from watching this:  I talk a lot about a great internet tool on the Heart Association’s website that is designed to lower risk for heart disease.


  1. Bob said,

    Hi Sharon, what are your thoughts regarding the death of actor Corey Haim? The coroner indicated he had pulmonary congestion. Is that related to heart failure? How could such a young person have such bad heart problems?

    • Thank you for your questions Bob! Yes, any young person can have heart failure which may lead to water in the lungs (pulmonary congestion) and even death. There are many different causes for heart failure such as ingestion of harmful drugs, parasites, viruses and even long-standing hypertension. I will talk more about it in my next blog post. Thanks for the topic!

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