April 2, 2010

Find the Cheapest Medication with a new Search Engine!

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So most pharmacies these days have adopted the $4 generic prescription list.  There is no health insurance required to buy your medicines at the $4 price, although some do require a membership with their pharmacy rewards program.  This new $4 revolution has been a wonderful way to save money on those expensive pills.  The trick is finding out which medicines you take that can be substituted with a generic $4 prescription.  Not all medicines have substitutes (such as Plavix).

A new drug search engine could make your quest for cheaper medicines 10 times easier!  Medtipster (found at www.medtipster.com) allows you to type in your medication name and dosage along with your city and state.  Once you have entered in your information they will give you a price quote for the cheapest medicines within a 50 mile radius.  This website makes it so simple to find all of your prescriptions at the lowest prices!

For example, I typed in Lipitor 80mg and searched for a price quote.  Medtipster notified me that Lipitor is not available on a discount drug program.  However, it then gave me the option of searching for an alternative or finding a brand coupon.  By clicking on finding an alternative I was able to choose simvastatin (Zocor) from a list and get a quote for $15.99 for a 90 day supply at the Rite Aid down the street.  And if my doctor does not want me to switch off of Lipitor, the Medtipster website directed me straight to the Lipitor coupon which could save me $15 off my copay!  What a great tool!

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