April 14, 2010

What Foods Are Healthiest from the Grocery Store?

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I’m sure many heart disease patients have experienced the frustration of finding healthy foods at the grocery store.  You’ve got to inspect every detail of the nutrition facts to verify how much fat, calories, sodium and/or whole grains is in each serving.  One of the easiest ways to know if an item is appropriate for heart patients is to look for the Heart-Check Mark.

This is a special symbol designated by the American Heart Association for foods that meet their heart healthy criteria.  They actually have 3 different symbols that look similar but are intended for different products: Low in Saturated Fat & Cholesterol, Extra Lean (for meats) and Whole Grain.  Any of these symbols will still mean that the product is low in sodium, cholesterol and trans fat.

Once you know what to look for, shopping for a healthy heart can be much easier when someone else has already figured out what’s good for you!  In case you have trouble hunting down an item that has the symbol, you can find a complete list at: http://www.checkmark.heart.org/ProductsByCategory

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