May 8, 2010

Heart Attack Warning Device Does Well In New Study

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Back in January I wrote about a new heart attack warning device which was enrolling patients for clinical trials.  The device is implanted in the upper chest just under the skin, very much in the same fashion as a pacemaker.  When a person starts to show signs of a heart attack on their EKG, the device makes an alert sound to let them know they need to seek medical attention immediately.  Essentially it takes the guess-work out of “when do I need to go to the hospital?”  Many people delay their treatment because they are uncertain if the symptoms are serious enough.

The first study using this heart attack warning device made by Angel Medical has shown very promising results.  Out of 37 patients tested, the device did not miss a single heart attack or heart-related death.  4 people were appropriately alarmed by their device and sought immediate treatment.  The average time from alarm to treatment was only 20 minutes!  The standard time for people without devices is 2 to 3 hours so the AngelMed Guardian clearly provided a significant benefit to avoiding serious heart damage from a heart attack. You can read more about the device by checking out at:

If you have had a previous heart attack, you may be able to have one of these devices implanted for FREE by participating in the Phase III clinical trial.  The study is called the ALERTS trial and you can find out more information about it by following this link:

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