May 10, 2010

Lower Cholesterol Naturally?

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An Italian study recently showed that 3 over-the-counter, natural supplements lowered cholesterol comparably to statin drugs.  50 patients were given 500-mg of berberine, 200-mg of red yeast rice and 10-mg of policosanol over a 6 week period with excellent results.  Total cholesterol and LDL were reduced significantly in the study group.  The 3 supplements are sold as a single tablet in Italian pharmacies but not here in the U.S.  In fact, the FDA has deemed it illegal to sell red yeast rice with the active component in it that lowers cholesterol.

The study’s investigator stressed the importance of speaking with your doctor before taking a supplemental regimen such as this.  Right now the results seem quite promising but larger scale studies must be done to verify the results and confirm the safety of taking all 3 supplements together.  If things go well though in future studies, we may be looking at a more natural alternative to statins for heart disease patients!

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