June 12, 2010

Cardiologists Performing Unnecessary Procedures – Do You Trust Your Heart Doctor?

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When you look back at your heart care hopefully you remember seeing a cardiologist who you would not hesitate to trust with your life.  Treatment of a person’s heart requires trust during a very vulnerable time.  I am certain most people would be very angry and devastated if they found out that their cardiologist took advantage of their vulnerable state by performing invasive procedures on arteries without blockages.  Some astute news-watchers may have heard about 2 very shocking cases of unwarranted heart procedures performed by cardiologists.  The most recent case is a cardiologist named Dr. Mark Midei in Maryland.  Dr. Midei was busted for implanting unneeded stents in nearly 600 patients!  He allegedly told the patients that he was putting in a stent over areas with 90% blockages when in fact many blockages were as little as 10%.

The other popular case of invasive cardiology misuse included unwarranted bypass surgeries on patients without significant heart artery blockages.  This case occurred in California and has since been settled out of court for a large sum of money.

So, do you implicitly trust your cardiologist?  If not, you should be looking for a new one who you really can trust!  The last thing anyone needs is a stent or bypass surgery for no reason other than to make the doctor some extra money!

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