July 3, 2010

Improve Communication With Your Cardiologist!

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How many times have you left your cardiologist’s office feeling a little lost and confused?  Maybe you forgot to ask a question about your medicines?  Maybe you did not fully understand the instructions he/she gave you during the visit? Maybe you have been asked to get a test and you are not sure why?

This is a very unfortunate, yet all too common, scenario in the business of heart care.  There are plenty of barriers along the way to having a perfect interaction with your cardiologist.  Appointment times are usually very short and there are many things that need to be covered in that short time frame.  Even if you are lucky enough to have a cardiologist that spends a lot of time in the room with you, certain topics may still be missed.

Even if you feel that you will never fully understand all the details about your heart care, there are ways to at least feel more comfortable.  A new website endorsed by actress Andie MacDowell guides you through the process of achieving ultimate communication with your cardiologist.  The website is called Time To Talk CARDIO.  By clicking over to their page you will find lots of helpful resources including a downloadable brochure and worksheet.  There is even a form you can fill out online to rate various parts of your interaction with your cardiologist.  Once the form is complete they can help you identify which communication skills are most important to you, such as getting a clear explanation.

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