July 5, 2010

Find the Support You Need After Heart Surgery

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Undergoing heart surgery is a truly life-changing event in anyone’s life.  It’s not something you can just walk away from without scars…both physical and emotional.  Recovery is a bumpy road full of anticipation, questions and sometimes setbacks.  I wrote the book What To Do When You Have Heart Disease as a way of helping heart patients get back on their feet.  (Check out the book’s website at www.TheHeartDiseaseGuide.com for more info.)

Keeping the book handy will certainly help with all kinds of problems and situations but nothing can replace the comfort that one gets from person-to-person support groups.  One of my favorite support groups for heart patients is called Mended Hearts.  Like their name implies, it is a group for people who have had heart surgery such as bypass or valve repair.  They have meetings at local chapters throughout the country.  Members also volunteer to visit other heart surgery patients in the hospital to help them through the earliest days of recovery.

I have been a speaker at some of my local Mended Hearts meetings and I can personally testify what a great bunch they are!  Everyone has a welcoming attitude to newcomers.  They share their stories and offer advice when asked.  It’s a great place for anyone who has had heart surgery to go for fun, support and comfort.  Find a local chapter near you by clicking on the following link:

Mended Hearts Local Chapters

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