July 25, 2010

Ways to Deal with Stress as Recommended by the American Heart Association

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Stress…the word itself might make you tense up just thinking about it.

Unfortunately, it’s generally a part of our daily lives.  We all have different things which we might find stressful.  The important thing is that we learn how to deal with the stress appropriately.  Studies have shown that anxiety increases the risk for heart disease.  (See article Relax, It’s Good For Your Heart)

The American Heart Association has a website article to explain 4 simple ways to reduce your stress:

1. Positive Self-Talk

2. Emergency Stress Stoppers

3. Finding Pleasure

4. Daily Relaxation

The techniques are explained in detail at the webpage Four Ways to Deal with Stress.  Working through your stress is an important step in your goal for a healthier heart!

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