July 29, 2010

New Plavix Competitor Set To Be Approved by FDA

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image by Renjith Krishnan

A new blood-thinning type drug was recommended for approval by the FDA today to treat patients with unstable angina and heart attacks.  The drug is called Brilinta (ticagrelor) and it has been highly anticipated as a substitute for the costly Plavix.

Currently, heart patients who have had drug-eluting stents absolutely must take Plavix or Effient for at least one year in order to prevent clotting at the stent site.   The problem for many patients is the high cost of both Plavix and Effient.  Out of pocket, Plavix typically costs more than $5 a day when purchased at a local US pharmacy.  Patients have been hoping for competing brands since Plavix is currently not sold as a generic.

There is no telling when Brilinta will actually appear on the pharmacy shelves but eventually this new competition in the Plavix market should help to bring costs down for all patients concerned!

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