July 30, 2010

Taking a Calcium Supplement Might Be Hurting Your Heart

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photo by Filomena Scalise

The LA Times reported on a new study in the British Medical Journal that showed there was actually an increased risk of heart attack in elderly populations who take calcium supplements.

Many women are trying to stay healthy by taking calcium supplements because they believe it will prevent osteoporosis (bone loss).  However, studies have shown that calcium (without Vitamin D) does nothing to prevent bone loss.  Now there is even proof that people taking calcium are actually making things worse by increasing the risk of heart attacks by 31%!

It should be noted that the study was done with regular calcium versus placebo.  Many calcium supplements usually contain vitamin D which is necessary for absorption of the calcium into the body.  However, this news should make you stop and reevaluate your vitamins.  If you are taking an extra Calcium pill everyday, I would recommend eating more calcium-rich foods instead.  Look at the nutrition facts to find foods high in calcium.  You will most likely find that yogurt, low-fat milk and low-fat cheeses have the highest content.

Check out the article from the LA Times for more information about the study: Calcium study: Heart disease risk with calcium supplements – latimes.com.

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