July 31, 2010

Don’t Give Up On Your Favorite Foods!

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photo by Graeme Weatherston

Just because you have heart disease does that mean that you will never be able to eat a candy bar again?  Or what if you just LOVE to eat fried chicken and full-fat mashed potatoes?

No worries!  While living with heart disease does mean that you need to adhere to a strict diet, you can also plan on having “diet breaks.”  A diet break is when you allow yourself to eat some of your favorite foods just for a few days every month or so.  The important part about a diet break is the process of planning.  You are more likely to stick with your diet when you plan for a break at specific intervals.

Here are a few examples of a diet break:

  • Strict low fat diet with a break day of full fat foods on the first of every month.
  • Strict low carbohydrate diet with a break of your choice of carbs every 2 months
  • Strict low calorie diet with a break of high calorie foods during holiday vacations only

People with heart failure should continue to maintain a low sodium diet regardless of diet breaks.  You can still eat a higher fat or higher calorie meal but resist the temptation to add salt.    Too much salt can result in water retention and worsening heart failure symptoms.

As ironic as it sounds, taking an occasional , planned break from your diet can help you stay with a healthy eating plan!  The breaks give you something to look forward to so you can avoid the unplanned binges.  The diet break method also allows you to indulge in your favorite foods without feeling guilty!

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