August 12, 2010

Staying Warm in the Winter May Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack

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A study out of England has brought up some interesting new questions about how cold weather affects the heart.

Over 800,000 heart attacks in the UK were reviewed alongside the daily outside temperature.  While many expected there to be more heart attacks in the hot summer months, it turns out there were more heart problems when the temperature dropped.  In fact, the researchers stated there was a 2% increase in heart attack risk for every 1 degree drop in temperature.

photo by Graeme Weatherston

The cold weather seemed to most negatively affect patients who were already known to have heart disease.   Using this new information, researchers in the UK might be considering a weather warning system for people who have heart disease.  During cold days they recommend heart patients bundle up and limit their time outside.  Even though it is still sweltering hot right now for most of the US, we might look to this new study as motivation to buy a thicker winter coat!

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