August 15, 2010

Trouble Eating Dark Chocolate Everyday? Not A Problem For Me!!

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photo by Suat Eman

A study from Australia published last year had trouble finding enough people who could eat half a dark chocolate bar every day for 12 weeks.  As a chocolate fan, I find this difficult to believe!  Apparently, the study was looking at the possible benefits of eating enough dark chocolate to lower blood pressure.  Half of the participants just could not force themselves to eat the required amount of dark chocolate every day.  I admit that sometimes it can be very rich and fulfilling but I think I could have easily consumed the appropriate amount for a good cause!  When you are part of a study, accurate results are of the utmost importance to everyone involved.  Your compliance with the rules could mean a better living for people all over the world!   Just imagine, if the results had been favorable we could all be eating dark chocolate instead of taking a new blood pressure pill every day…

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