August 15, 2010

Would You Like Some Drugs To Sprinkle On Your Hamburger??

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photo by Francesco Marino

According to, a new study seriously looked at the possibility of adding a statin drug to McDonald’s condiments for lowering cholesterol.

Along with the ketchup and mustard, a group of researchers have envisioned a sprinkling of a statin drug like Lipitor, Zocor or Crestor as a means of lowering the risk of heart attack.  The medicine would be offered like a powdered condiment that could be placed on top of a Quarter Pounder or in a milkshake.

The study looked at the unhealthy effects of eating a Quarter Pounder with cheese and drinking a small milkshake in terms of total and trans fat.  Once they had determined the unhealthiness of such a meal, they reviewed the healthiness of taking a statin drug in terms of reducing heart attacks and death.  In the researchers’ opinions, adding a statin drug as a condiment sufficiently offset the bad effects of the fast food meal. said one researcher told them, “the cheeseburger-and-milkshake risk could be offset with one statin tablet.”

I am not personally saying that drugs should be offered in a drive-thru but apparently someone felt it was legitimate enough to publish in the American Journal of Cardiology!!  I think the FDA would have a field day with this idea.  While something like this will probably never happen, it would be nice to indulge in a fast food meal every now and then in a guilt-free manner.  Unfortunately, statins can cause elevations in liver enzymes and muscle aches which require close monitoring from a health care practitioner.  Powerful drugs such as these just cannot be passed out like candy to unsuspecting masses!  What do you think??

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