August 19, 2010

Gold Injections Being Tested For Evaluating Heart Disease

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photo by Salvatore Vuono

A new type of CT scan that requires injection of small gold particles has shown some promising results in terms of heart disease.

With only one scan, this new test looks at heart artery plaques with Au-HDL (Au is the element abbreviation for gold).  Doctors may be able to use this new CT to determine if a blockage is likely to rupture in the near future.  Apparently, the gold particles hover around plaque that contains a high percentage of the body’s inflammatory, particle-eating macrophages.  In other words, when the body starts to react with inflammation and aggression towards an arterial plaque, the plaque may be close to bursting open and causing a complete blockage such as in a heart attack.

This particular gold CT is definitely not a standard test that you can find in your local hospital.  There are many other steps that must be done first to check it’s accuracy and safety.  However, the new study results are worthy of a second look!

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