August 21, 2010

Anxious To Leave The Hospital?

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There are generally 2 kinds of patients in the hospital: those who want to get out as soon as possible and those who want to stay until everything has been fixed to their satisfaction.

While most people complain about all of the uncomfortable factors for patients staying in the hospital (ie. bad food, uncomfortable beds, trouble sleeping due to vital checks and bloodwork every few hours…) many people need to stay at least overnight in order to avoid complications.  Doctors send patients home when they feel it is safe for them to leave.

Most patients who have a stent placed in a heart artery can go home after spending one night in the hospital.  Now, there is a new study which says patients can go home the same day rather than spending the night.  Heart disease patients might see this as good news if they ever need another stent in the future.  The problem is that your cardiologist may prefer to keep you overnight anyway.  Your doctor may not agree with this new study and insist that you stay until the next morning.  Just make sure you ask before you have your heart set on leaving the same day!  From what I have heard, health insurance companies can actually refuse to pay your medical bills if you leave the hospital AMA (against medical advice).   Check with your insurance before deciding to cut your hospital visit short!

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