September 2, 2010

Weight Loss Pills Dangerous For People With Heart Disease

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photo by Michelle Meiklejohn

The popular weight loss drug which you may have seen on television called Meridia is officially proven to be unsafe in heart disease.

A few months ago, the manufacturers placed a warning on Meridia’s label stating that it should not be given to patients with heart problems.  Now, there is a new study which confirms that the weight loss drug increases heart attacks in patients who are already known to have heart disease.

Some years ago there were problems with other weight loss drugs as well.  You may recall a drug called Fen-phen which was taken off the market for causing pulmonary hypertension and heart valve problems.  In addition, many over the counter diet pills contain stimulants that are unfavorable in the setting of heart disease.

In general, patients with heart disease need to use caution when entering into a weight loss plan.  The best solution is diet and exercise which you can learn about in cardiac rehabilitation.  However, if you must use something more extreme and your plans to lose weight include Meridia or other pills, you need to discuss it with your cardiologist first to make sure it is safe.

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