September 15, 2010

New Distressed Personality Makes For Higher Risk Of Heart Disease

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photo by m_bartosch

A new type D personality disorder has been associated with greater than 3 times the risk of heart attack and death in patients with already known cardiovascular disease.

The D apparently stands for “distressed” because these types of patients are prone to anxiety, depression and stress.  The reason why this disorder is considered new is because patients with type D personality disorder will not admit to their problems.  When they see their doctor they claim that everything is going just fine when in fact they are feeling great amounts of negative feelings.

You might say that this new personality disorder is related to bottling up all the bad emotions.  People who admit to their negative feelings are more likely to receive help and get their stress under control.  If you have heart disease and are having problems with stress or negative feelings, it is important to discuss this with your cardiologist or primary care physician.  As this new study has shown, keeping the negativity inside is only hurting your heart even more!

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