September 17, 2010

Tai Chi For Heart Failure

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A new study has shown that people living with heart failure who participate in Tai Chi classes twice a week have a better quality of life.

Tai Chi is a form of “hard and soft martial art technique” according to wikipedia. This study in particular chose a very slow and soft style which would be easily imitated by many heart failure patients.

The study which was done out of Boston, MA, took 100 patients and required half of them to attend either heart failure education classes twice a week or Tai Chi classes.   The group taking Tai Chi appeared to feel better and have an overall better mood.  The study investigators suggested that the Tai Chi might give the heart failure patients more confidence about exercise since the movements are easy and unintimidating.  Unfortunately they did not walk any better on a treadmill by the end of 12 weeks but they were clearly feeling better about themselves!

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