September 19, 2010

Is It Time To Throw Away The Non-Stick Pans?

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Many major news networks this week reported a new study that showed an association between a chemical used in non-stick pans and higher cholesterol levels in children.

The study looked at approximately 12,000 children in the Ohio River Valley area because these children drink water with high amounts of PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid).  PFOA is a “water repellant” chemical found in many parts of our environment including tap water, microwave popcorn bags, non-stick pans, wood sealants, carpet care liquids, dental floss and much more.

While PFOA is known to be toxic and carcinogenic in animals, research has not officially proven that it is harmful to humans as well.  There are lawsuits against PFOA manufacturers currently for the possibility of harm against humans in areas with high levels surrounding the manufacturing plants.  This latest study has brought up another possible harmful side effect of increased cholesterol.  However, it should be noted that the children with higher levels of PFOA from drinking tap water had less than a 4 point increase in their LDL compared to the children with lower PFOA. In other words, a child with high PFOA might have had an LDL of 120 compared to a child of low PFOA who might have had an LDL of 116.

For heart disease patients, getting your LDL to less than 100 and even less than 70 is vital.  If you are needing an extra boost to lower your cholesterol and you have concerns about PFOA, you could consider filtering your drinking water, avoiding non-stick pans, quitting microwave popcorn and use only organic cleaners to clean your carpets.  The risk right now is really quite small but more studies may prove otherwise!

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