October 6, 2010

Self-Injections of Nesiritide Improves Function of Heart in Heart Failure

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photo by m_bartosch

Patients with chronic heart failure are frequently admitted to the hospital for heart problems.  The latest study is showing that heart failure patients can get benefit from injections of medicine at home.

The newest medicine on the heart failure scene which was originally introduced in 2001 is called nesiritide or Natrecor.  It is an IV or injection-only solution that helps with relaxing muscles and improving blood flow during a bad heart failure episode.  While there is some controversy surrounding nesiritide, this new study suggested it can be given safely at home.  Not only was it reported as safe, but the study also showed that the heart actually looked better when viewed by Cardiac MR imaging.

Of course, there is always a disclaimer to be noted in a study.  This study was small and used nesiritide in an unusual fashion.  Most patients receive nesiritide by IV in the hospital.  A very large study regarding the overall safety of nesiritide is supposed to be presented next month (November).  I will make sure to write a post about it once the results become available!

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