October 9, 2010

Meridia Pills Taken Away By FDA and Abbott

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The FDA has asked Abbott to stop making a popular weight loss drug called Meridia.

Meridia has been advertised on television as a great new alternative to help suppress appetite. You may recall the commercials which showed plates of food being eaten only half-way. The suggestion was that Meridia would help you eat less and less thereby losing weight. Unfortunately, taking the drug has also been shown to increase your chance of a serious heart event by 16%!

In addition to increasing your risk of heart attack, Meridia can also increase your risk of stroke. Given that the risks seem to outweigh the benefits, the FDA asked Meridia’s manufacturer Abbott Laboratories to withdraw the drug from the market.

As of today, Abbott has agreed to stop production of Meridia.  If you are currently taking it, this means you will no longer be able to get your prescription filled at the pharmacy. Given the long history of various diet pills being pulled off the market for serious heart risks, I would say diet and exercise are the only safe alternatives for weight loss at this point!

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