October 10, 2010

Number of Calories on Nutrition Facts Labels May Be Wrong!

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US Nutritional Fact Label

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An interesting article on the AARP website has brought up a startling new diet fact based on a recent study: Nutrition Facts reported on food labels may be false!

According to the article, packaged diet foods may be listing their total calories from 20 to 200 percent less than the actual amount of calories!  One example they gave was a 200 calorie frozen dinner which might in fact contain 240 calories instead.  A few of the culprits mentioned on the AARP website included Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers and Denny’s.

The government apparently allows for a 20 percent error margin so the food companies will not be changing their ways anytime soon.  For people with heart disease, you will want to consider these significant errors in food labeling while making decisions about what to eat.  When living a heart-healthy lifestyle an extra 40 calories in every meal can be seriously detrimental to your diet!  Try to cook fresh meals at home in order to avoid the extra calories.  It may not be as convenient but at least you know what you are eating!

Check out the AARP article at the following link: Calorie Counts Often Too Low on Fast Foods and Frozen Dinners.


  1. Bob said,

    I don’t think 40 calories is gunna make or break anything

    • Sharon said,

      Actually, when you add up 40 calories PER MEAL, that’s 120 calories extra per day. And then let’s say you have 2 “100 calorie” snacks and dessert in a day. That’s also an extra 20 calories per snack and dessert. In all, someone who is diligently trying to eat a low calorie diet could end up going over by 180 calories through no fault of their own. That’s nearly the equivalent of an extra meal in a day…or like eating a small bag of potato chips. I wouldn’t say that either of those things is helpful when you are dieting!

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