October 24, 2010

New CPR Guidelines and Home CPR Kits from the American Heart Association

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CPR training
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Loved ones of patients with heart disease are frequently urged to learn CPR. 

Over the past year or so, studies have shown that the most vital part of CPR is doing chest compressions.  In fact, people who are untrained in CPR can do compressions only and still help save a life (see Know Your CPR!).  Chest compressions are a way of pushing on the chest to help circulate the blood in a heart that is not pumping effectively.   

Last week the American Heart Association changed the CPR guidelines to giving compressions first.  Previously, they had used the letters A-B-C to remind people of the steps, “Airway, Breathing and Circulation.”  Now they are saying to remember C-A-B which stands for Circulation (AKA compressions), Airway and Breathing.  The new guidelines stress the importance of giving chest compressions immediately on someone who is unresponsive.

CPR used to be taught only in special classes but now the American Heart Association offers home kits.  Even people with busy schedules can learn CPR with the new Home CPR Kits.  The kit comes with an inflatable mannequin, an instructional DVD and even flash cards.  The whole family can get together at home for a night of CPR now!  

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  1. Bob said,

    There should be PBAs on TV about this. Even on everyone’s favorite shows on TV. Basically push on the chest as hard and fast as possible….leave the breathing/airway to EMS.

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