November 7, 2010

A Chocolate Addict’s Heart Healthy Solution

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I must admit…I’m a chocolate addict.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to find heart-healthy chocolate recipes.  Just when I thought I would have to attend Chocoholics Anonymous, along comes the rich, chocolatey Vita Muffin Mix to my rescue!!

I used to indulge with a guilty conscience a 3 Musketeers bar or a York peppermint patty.  Out of all the high-fat and high calorie options, these two seemed to be the best.  But I still felt as if I was cheating on my diet whenever I had the pleasure of eating these sweet treats.  And then I discovered the ultimate, heart-healthy chocolate treat!  My health-conscious aunt sent me some Vita-Tops for my birthday and suddenly I was hooked!

Vita-Tops and Vita Muffin Mixes have all the flavor of an indulgent chocolate treat but without all the fat and calories.  You can burn off the calories with a quick 15 minute walk!!  Even better, they are loaded with fiber and vitamins!  You can try one for yourself by ordering online (Deep Chocolate VitaMix Muffin Mix) or searching your grocer’s freezer.  My local grocery store sells Vita-Tops but not the muffin mix.  It can get a bit pricey at times but several times a year you can get them on sale at a really great price.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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