January 7, 2011

Scientists Finding Most Obscure Reasons For Heart Disease

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Studded tyre

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It’s pretty obvious that the cause of heart disease is unknown when researchers are grasping at straws to find any obscure correlations.

Over the years, many theories have been suggested for environmental accelerants of heart disease.  From a lack of brushing your teeth to vitamin deficiency to vitamin overdose to non-stick pans.  We have never had a shortage of studies to vaguely prove or disprove these crazy theories.

Today I heard one of the most outrageous theories thus far.  Researchers in Sweden feel strongly that studded tires make a person more prone to heart disease.  Yes…you read that right…studded tires.  This winter necessity for several northern states is believed to stir up too much asphalt pollution.  The pollution breathed in by the lungs can apparently cause significant lung and heart disease.

I don’t believe this theory will lead to any major changes in heart disease research.  It’s possible though that a few lawmakers will take this study and run with it.  Who knows what they will think of next??

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