January 28, 2011

Hopes of Generic Plavix Dashed…Again!

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A box of Plavix

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The ever-popular heart drug Plavix was approved 14 years ago and has managed to be nearly exclusive for much of it’s existence.

There have been several big issues with heart medicines over the past 20 years which have led to obstacles for patients getting the best treatments possible.  The high cost of medicines such as Lipitor, ARB’s and Plavix often leave patients in a tough economic spot.  Many heart medicines are available as a cheaper generic but Lipitor and Plavix have maintained a stronghold on their patents beyond the usual timeframe.

Several years ago Plavix did become generic…but that did not last long!  The manufacturers battled it out in court and Plavix was granted an extension of their exclusive patent until November 2011.  Now that 2011 has rolled around Plavix’s patent has been extended yet again. This extension resulted from their studies performed on children which allowed them to work under the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act.

So the patients who have stents must continue to suffer by paying $2 a pill for at least another 15 months.  Struggling patients can only hope that the patent is allowed to expire by that point!

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