February 28, 2011

Could Night Sweats and Hot Flashes be a Sign of Heart Disease?

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photo by Filomena Scalise

A new study is giving menopausal women something to be concerned about.  Apparently women in menopause who get night sweats are more likely to have heart disease than those who sleep comfortably through the night.

This new study out of the Netherlands shows that these women with night sweats have a “moderately” increased risk of heart disease. The study was published in a journal called Menopause last month.  Interestingly, another study this month has shown that early hot flashes are a good sign in terms of cardiovascular disease.  Women who had hot flashes early in menopause were less likely to have heart disease than those who got them later in life.

Hot flashes are caused by the blood vessels dilating which causes more blood to rush to the face (this is also known as flushing).  Flushing has been suggested in the past as a good thing because it shows the blood vessels are flexible and working well.  It is possible that women who get hot flashes early on in menopause have better blood vessel function than those who get them late in menopause.

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