October 1, 2011

Free Cholesterol Test, Blood Pressure Check and Diabetes Screening

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In this tough economy Kroger hopes to attract more customers by offering Free Health Screenings at participating pharmacies.  Heart disease patients know the importance of annual cholesterol checks but they can get quite costly for those without health insurance.  This new Health Screening option can provide a little relief in the expense of maintaining a healthy heart.

Kroger grocery stores throughout the U.S. are advertising these free Health Screenings which include:

  • Cholesterol Check (reportedly includes Total Cholesterol, LDL, Triglycerides and HDL)
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Diabetes Screening
  • Body Mass Index

A licensed pharmacist performs the tests and discusses the results with you.  Most likely you will be given a copy of your test results so that you can bring them to your doctor for review.  Heart disease patients experiencing financial stress can use this free screening as their annual cholesterol test.  As long as you bring the results to your doctor and the numbers are at “heart disease goal,” there should be no need to obtain a second test.  If there are changes made to your cholesterol medication, a second test will need to be done to verify the medicine is working.

People who want to take advantage of this opportunity need to make an appointment by calling the national Kroger number 1-877-444-9689.  It is important to see a cardiologist at least once a year if you have heart disease so please do not use this as a substitute for your yearly heart check-up.  Find more great tips about cutting costs and maintaining a healthy heart in the book What To Do When You Have Heart Disease.

October 28, 2010

Texas Barbers Cutting More Than Just Hair

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A new study that was published this week in Archives of Internal Medicine had African-American barbers testing blood pressure at the time of a haircut.

The American Heart Association has been targeting African American populations for improved blood pressure control for many years now.  African American people are more likely to have high blood pressure resulting in heart attacks and strokes.  A novel, grassroots idea developed into a study using 17 barbershops in Dallas County, TX.  The barbers were paid to do blood pressure checks and then told to refer people to the doctor when the patient’s blood pressure was up.

When compared to people who did not have their blood pressure checked at the barber, the barbershop patrons ended up having lower blood pressures by the end of the study.  So, not only were the barbers cutting hair, but they were also cutting people’s risk of heart attack and stroke!

The funniest part about this story is that the study’s lead investigator, Dr. Ronald Victor, got a taste of his own medicine during the trial.  He was training one of the barbers by posing as a pretend patient when it was discovered that the good doctor himself had high blood pressure!  After some convincing from the barber, Dr. Victor admitted that his pressure was too high and therefore needed to take medicine himself.  Apparently, if it weren’t for the barber, Dr. Victor would have continued to avoid controlling his blood pressure altogether…