March 10, 2011

More Genetic Markers Implicated in Heart Disease

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Another 18 heart disease genes have reportedly been discovered…but are we any closer to a cure for the number one killer?

Despite the fact that 30 genes have now been implicated in the progression of plaque buildup in the heart arteries, scientists are estimating that we are only about 10% of the way there.  Of all the heart attacks which appear to be inherited, the genetic markers discovered thus far explain only about 10%.  What seems even more confusing is that some of these markers are common in the general population as well.

Some of the researchers feel they have made significant progress while others seem frustrated by the lack of knowledge after many years of research.  According to’s article yesterday,  Dr Hugh Watkins  from the University of Oxford said,  “In terms of identifying risk, I don’t think these new discoveries add that much. There are still a large number of CAD genes out there yet to be discovered, but I would think their effects will all be small. This is bad news in terms of developing a test for heart-disease risk, as each culprit gene is responsible for only a very small incremental risk.”