December 8, 2009

Heart Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas

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There are plenty of great gifts available for patients with heart disease. From clothing that supports finding a cure to gift baskets to low-sodium foods. Some of my favorite ideas include a gift certificate to the local cardiac rehab facility, a new, fancy blood pressure monitorĀ or a freshly made meal by a specialty catering store that is low fat and low calorie. Below I’ve posted some links to websites which offer some new and interesting ideas for specialty gifts:

Heart Disease Clothing
Heart Disease Gift Baskets
Heart Healthy Food Store Website
Healthy Heart Meals Delivered

Of course, an informative book about heart disease is a must-have as well. Unfortunately, What To Do When You Have Heart Disease will probably not be available until just after Christmas. But keep it in mind for January when everyone is vowing to keep their New Year’s resolutions!