June 20, 2010

Increase Your HDL to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

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A new study shows that people with a higher HDL also have a lower risk of cancer.  If you remember, HDL is the good cholesterol which should be ideally over 35 or 40.  Most people with heart disease have their cholesterol monitored closely because improving cholesterol numbers results in lower risk of heart attack and death.  Now it seems though that there is an added benefit of keeping a low LDL and raising the HDL…less occurrences of cancer!

The most effective ways of increasing your HDL include: taking a statin, taking Niacin (or prescription equivalent like Niaspan), exercise and proper diet.  Some butter substitutes like Smart Balance have been shown to increase HDL when used as a majority of your fat intake.  Basically, making healthy food choices, exercising and following your cardiologist’s prescription advice can help you live longer in more ways than one!